Kid - Friendly Recipes


  • Iakovos Ritsos and Nickolas Kapellas

    01 March 2017

    Do you love fruit juice? This is the easiest recipe! WE NEED A COCONUT, AN APPLE, A PEAR, SOME CHERRIES, A PINEAPPLE, A BANANA, A MANGO, SOME GRAPES, SOME STRAWBERRIES, AN ORANGE. First wash all the fruit and cut them in small pieces. Then, put them in a blender and blend them for 3 minutes. Now, put the mixture in a glass and add two ice cubes. Put the glass in the fridge for ten minutes. it"s ready! Drink it!! yiammie!!!!! Iakovos Ritsos (9years old) and Nickolas Kapellas (9 years old)

  • Chryssa And Elena Minogianni

    01 March 2017

    Learn how to make a delicious fruit salad. INGREDIENTS: 2x apples, 2x bananas, 3x cherries, 3x kiwis ************************************* Recipe: Wash the apples,the cherries and the kiwis.Cut all the fruits in small pieces and put them in the bowl.Then put your salad in the fridge for 30 minutes.After 30 minutes your fruit salad is cool and ready to enjoy! Chryssa Minogianni (10 years old) & Elena Minogianni (12 years old)

  • Panagiotis Roussos and Ioanna Satsani

    01 March 2017

    ***HOW TO MAKE GREEK SALAD*** INGREDIENTS: 1)TOMATOES 2)CUCUMBER 3)ONION 4)OLIVES 5)OREGANO 6)OLIVE OIL 7)FETA CHEESE 8)RUSK 9)SALT 10)1 TBSP CAPERS DRAINED. ##########Wash all the vegetables and cut them in small pieces.After add salt,oregano and olives.Then cut in small pieces feta and the rusk. Put everything in a big bowl.Mix well.It"s ready. E N J O Y !!!!!! Panagiotis Roussos (11 years old) & Ioanna Satsani(10 years old)

  • Sofia

    01 March 2017

    Recipe for the perfect Steak: INGREDIENTS: 1)SALT 2)OLIVE OIL 3)OREGANO 4)PEPPER 5)LEMON 6)PAN 7)STEAK Add some oil in the pan and preheat it. Season each side with the spices. Put the steak into the pan. After 4 minutes turn the steak from other side. Wait until is cooked. Approximately 8-10 minutes. Transfer the steak to a plate and add the lemon juice. It"s ready. Andrew Roussos 11 years old