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The present describes the privacy policy of sagriotis-els.gr concerning personal information collected from the visitors and users of the pages and online services available on its website www.sagriotis-els.gr.

1. Personal Information Record

When visiting the pages of www.sagriotis-els.gr website and subscribing to its services you will be asked to provide personal information (name and surname, telephone number, address, contact information), in order to create an account and have access to the online services.
Personal information that you voluntarily provide sagriotis-els.gr or that are recorded while using the online services, are solely used by sagriotis-els.gr in order to support, promote and execute the provided service. sagriotis-els.gr, within the framework of the online services provided on or through its website, expressly states that information of any kind collected from the pages of its website is absolutely confidential and is processed by its executives and employees with the sole purpose of accepting the user’s account and/or the provided online services flow control. sagriotis-els.gr never intends to sell, forward or make them known to any third party not related to it, without the user’s/visitor’s consent, excluding the competent Authorities according to relevant legal provisions.
It is clarified that sagriotis-els.gr does not hold a publicly accessible email address list of the visitors and users of the online services provided on its website. Therefore, any personal information is not allowed to be used by any third party, without complying with the provisions of Law 2472/97 concerning the protection and processing of personal information, as in force at the respective time. sagriotis-els.gr acts in accordance with current legislation and aims to better implementing of good practice concerning the Internet. Personal information of the users is securely kept for as long as they are subscribers of sagriotis-els.gr online services and they are deleted of its online services if requested by the user.

2. Technical means and procedures to safeguard personal information

sagriotis-els.gr uses all appropriate technical means and procedures to safeguard the personal information submitted by the users of the online services provided on its website and filed in the customers database of sagriotis-els.gr, and more specifically:

  • The forms with which the users send and process personal information comply with all the provided technical standards to ensure the confidentiality of the transferred data.
  • The data backup process is fully secured and controlled.

3. Online communication

In our online correspondence with the users we consider all the messages we receive as confidential and we do not read their content to any third party, excluding the directly interested recipient and the competent authorities, only when requested in accordance with the provisions in effect for the protection of personal information and communication confidentiality or in case the content of the message offends sagriotis-els.gr or the website moderator, or it is connected with illegal actions. Such an action is necessary in order to:

  • protect our rights, our property and our personal security or the property of our users and audience
  • protect ourselves against improper or non-authorized use of www.sagriotis-els.gr website and applications

Technical support requests sent by registered users are posted on sagriotis-els.gr website in public view if considered useful by sagriotis-els.gr, after being satisfyingly answered by its competent personnel and after having deleted any references and indications that can lead directly or indirectly to the user’s personal information. Support requests and the relevant answers are only posted for better servicing and informing current and future customers of sagriotis-els.gr.

4. Links to third party websites

sagriotis-els.gr website contains links to other websites, controlled by third parties (natural or legal persons) and are subject to their terms of use. The placement of these links does not indicate that sagriotis-els.gr approves or accepts the content of the respective websites, and sagriotis-els.gr accepts no liability concerning their content, their privacy practices or the accuracy of the information contained in them. If the visitors/users of sagriotis-els.gr website decide to use through its links any of the third parties websites, they accept that such an action is done with their own responsibility.

5. IP addresses

The IP address through which the visitor’s/user’s computer has access to the Internet and subsequently to sagriotis-els.gr website is kept for technical reasons and is solely used for collection of statistics.

6. Users under 18 years of age

For users under 18 years of age, prior consent of parents/guardians is taken for granted in any case of giving personal information and, most important, concerning the online services which sagriotis-els.gr website refers to.